Child, Adolescent, & Family Therapy

Individual therapy for children and adolescents as well as supportive positive parenting training, and family therapy are offered. Our approach is brief, evidence-based, solution-focused, and outcome-driven. In general, therapy assists with the development of healthier communication and coping skills. It also can improve motivation and the sense of connection between family members during challenging times. Additionally, therapy is beneficial for helping to manage performance stress in athletics, performing arts, academics, etc., and when anxiety interferes with doing one’s personal best in life.

Portland Child Therapists

Evaluation (Psychological testing)

For parents wrestling with how best to help their son or daughter with school or with social, emotional, and behavioral health problems, psycho-educational testing can help. A comprehensive evaluation can aid in treatment and educational planning to help your child or adolescent reach his or her true potential.

We provide testing and evaluation for common childhood and adolescent developmental concerns such as: Developmental delays, Autism, Gifted/Intellectual (IQ) assessment, Academic Readiness for Kindergarten assessment, Specific Learning Disability assessment, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder assessment. Independent psychological evaluations are useful when:  Privacy is valued by the family; when a second professional opinion is desired; and/or when school-based testing and evaluation is not enough to adequately address your son or daughter’s learning, social, emotional, or behavioral health needs.

Educational Support Services & Child Advocacy Services

As independent consultants, we will go to your son or daughter’s school, meet with teachers, counselors, and the school principal to help identify sources of concern and points for intervention. We can review psycho-educational, behavioral, and neuro-psychological assessment reports and help you better translate findings into practice supports for special educational Individualized Educational Planning (IEP) and general educational Section 504 Planning at school. We are available to attend meetings at school to advocate for appropriate educational services. As child educational advocates, we work with you to ensure that your child is receiving the most appropriate and effective services from the school system. We are up to date on evidence-based recommendations to help provide you expert knowledge to support your student’s learning, mental, and behavioral health needs.

Specialty Testing Services

Academic Evaluation
Intellectual & Giftedness Evaluation
Autism & Neuro-developmental Disability Evaluation (Dr. Vázquez)