Adolescents often face significant disorientation, hardships, and struggles during early adolescence (from age 10 to 14), mid-adolescence (from age 15 to 17), and late adolescence (from age 18 to 24) as they discover their personal identity and gain independence.

  • Adolescent therapy offers help with common emotional, social, school, and behavioral health problems (stress, anxiety, depressed mood, academic, self-esteem, behavioral, and conduct problems) using cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-, and strengths-based therapy practices.
  • We emphasize how to change & relate to negative and unhelpful thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing in healthy ways as they become the person they want to be.
  • We highlight a person’s character strengths to activate their psychological processes of acceptance and commitment to personal values.
  • Adolescent therapists teach how to mindfully make a habit of tapping into one’s inner character strengths to manage problems, face challenges, and build resilience and positive well-being.
  • In adolescent therapy, we supplement taught therapy skills by offering on our website a new and innovative “Strengths Gym” for youth to use between appointments to engage in strong mind strengths training so they can make progress as quickly and effectively as possible.
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