Our Approach to Family Therapy

  • There are a multitude of reasons that bring youth and parents to seeking family therapy support
  • Our approach helps youth and families meet and work together from a non-pathologizing, strengths-based, growth-oriented, and relationship-focused model referred to as Positive Family Therapy.
  • As family therapists, our therapeutic techniques foster strengths, virtues, goal-setting, and positive emotional well-being of all family members.
  • In working with the family system, we aim to help families move beyond their unique challenges to fortify the family with core skills and qualities that consistently fuel greater family harmony.
  • The approach we take as family-, child-, and adolescent psychologists take is informed by our beliefs about the active ingredients that promote and sustain optimal family life, and we believe are families are healthiest when they:
      • show concern and interest for each other;
      • have good feelings for each other;
      • are happy with their association with each other and they enjoy each others company;
      • communicate in respectful ways and they resolve disagreements and conflicts peacefully so that there is a bonding and growth experience instead of frustration and anger as the result;
      • are willing to support each other in times of hardship or crisis;
      • work to understand the other people in the family and work to be understood by others;
      • they express appreciation for the people in the family for what they are, rather than what they would like them to be;
      • they look for the good things in one another and recognize and point out one another’s strengths while appreciating the individual differences (and similarities) of each family member.