DR. Justin Bush, PhD Adolescent Psychologist

Dr. Justin Bush, PhD

Dr. Bush earned his Master’ and doctorate degrees at the University of Washington, an American Psychological Association-accredited program. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, gaining various research assistantship experiences there and via the University of Washington and Washington State University. He’s worked at hospitals, school districts, community mental health clinics, and primary care pediatric clinics to further his expertise within innovative healthcare, therapeutic, and educational settings throughout his career, including Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Momentous Institute in Dallas, Texas, and Pediatric Associates of the Northwest in the Portland metro area. In 2010, Dr. Bush co-founded PDYF with Dr. Vázquez. As a licensed psychologist, he is passionate about helping youth, parents, and families gain clarity about their unique profile of character strengths so they can learn to use them to solve problems and see what is best in themselves and apply it to their daily lives.

Dr. Veronica Vázquez, PhD

Dr. Vázquez co-founded PDYF in 2010 and has been exclusively in private practice as a psychologist in Portland, Oregon since 2012. She earned Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Law & Society at Purdue University followed by a Master’s degree at the University of Louisville. She then earned her doctorate at Loyola University of Chicago. She is a bilingual (Spanish & English) and bicultural psychologist whose expertise is in conducting diagnostic evaluations with children, adolescents, and adults with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. As a licensed psychologist, she is committed to helping youth and families learn about their strengths and weaknesses so they can work toward their goals while navigating life challenges and live to their fullest potential.

Dr. Veronica Vázquez, PhD - Adolescent psychologist in Portland, Oregon
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