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with Dr. Justin Bush, PhD 

Positive Development for Youth & Families was established in 2010. Dr. Bush earned his Masters’ and doctorate degrees at the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Gonzaga University. He has worked with hospitals, school districts, and community clinics, including Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Momentous Institute.

Over the past decade Dr. Bush co-founded PDYF as a private practice and also worked as a staff psychologist at Pediatric Associates of the Northwest.

Dr. Bush’s top character strengths are: Humor, Judgment, and Love of learning.

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Services We Offer


Individual Therapy for High school- and College-aged Adolescents


Positive Parenting Skills Training


Youth-Parent Family Therapy (with parents and child or teen)


Psychological Testing and Evaluation


Consultation for Clinics and Schools

Our Mission

Positive Development for Youth & Families is a private practice of licensed psychologist behavioral health providers. We serve children, adolescents (high school and college-aged), and parents to promote positive youth development by providing psychotherapy services. Our mission is to help them understand and use their character strengths when common pediatric mental health problems emerge using cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and strengths-based interventions with the ultimate goal of helping them thrive.


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